At Petit Nord we are committed to designing beautiful, timeless, quality children’s footwear with a strong sustainable profile, that fulfill all your needs as a caring parent.

Children change our perspectives. We become more vulnerable, we become more conscious, and we become more uncompromising in the choices we make. This includes choosing the right footwear for our children as they take their first steps and beyond. 

At Petit Nord we are driven by the passion of creating the best shoes for little ones. High quality shoes that offer all the comfort & support a child needs, while still aiming to design the most beautiful shoes. We have a strong sustainable focus, and we constantly strive to evolve every aspect of what we do – from the design, materials, processes etc. We want what is best for our children!

But we couldn’t do any of it without the love and support from all you mamas out there!
Your opinion means everything! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!