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"At Petit Nord, we have made it our purpose to inspire families to pursuit the ideals of togetherness and embracing the everyday moments of magic. When your little one smiles for the first time or reaches out to hold the tip of your finger. The everyday moments of magic are there all the time if we allow them into our lives.

With this Photography Guide we want to build your confidence in capturing those magical moments and offer easy tips & tricks with the help from the wonderful Photographer, Leonora Grigat", share fun activities and inspiration from other mamas.


Danish Photographer - @leonoragrigat

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"My name is Leonora Grigat, and I am a Danish Photographer with a niche in brand photography - especially capturing children. I am 28 years old and I am working as an independent freelance photographer on my third year. I am a mother of two, who have been my inspiration to follow my dream of making my hobby of photography my way of living"


1. Use natural light +

Personally I prefer shooting outdoors using natural light. Preferably shooting on a light cloudy day, to get those soft dreamy images.

Shooting in high sun will result in too many shadows in the children's faces.

In Winter time, I recommend shooting early in the day and during Summer in the mornings or afternoons, where the sun is low in the sky.

2. Prepare +

Depending on which type of images you want, either plan ahead, with a clear idea of the shoot you have in mind. Preparing a setup with all the probs you need, the clothes the children needs to wear etc.

Or simply head out into nature to capture those everyday magical moments. Walking in the forest, by the beach, having a picnic, collecting flowers, playing a game.

Whatever you do, you will undoubtedly capture some amazing images.

3. Make it fun +

It has to be fun - If children are having fun, then that's exactly where we capture the magical moments.

Come up with little games or small cozy setup's where they have the opportunity to immerse themselves and engage in a form of role play.

Don't be afraid to act silly behind the camera, the more contact you have with the children in front of the camera the more comfortable they will be with the person behind the camera and loosen up. 

"My best tip for other mothers and photographers who photograph children is to be patient and access the needs of the individual child. If it's a child who wants to play or if it's a child who is a little insecure and needs time to thaw out, give them time and meet them with warmth and open arms."

Leonora Grigat


List of fun activities to help capture those magical moments

1) Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is always a sure winner. Preferably where the children have to count and find some of the other children or an item you have hidden.

2) The bear is sleeping

If you want to photograph children lying down and relaxing, play the bear sleeping. That way you make sure they stay put until the song is over and they have to catch you.

3) Peek a boo

Get the children to play peek-a-boo, either behind hands or behind a place on the setup.

4) Getting warm

Keep some small snacks in different places at the setup where you want to take pictures, that way you make sure that they are exactly where you want them to be when taking pictures.

5) Stop dance

Put on a song that the kids love and do a stop dance.

6) Guessing game

If they are sitting somewhere, play a guessing game. Possibly where the child thinks of an animal and you have to guess which animal it is by asking about it and they can only answer yes or no. Here they will be concentrated and will therefore be able to be quiet in the desired place while you guess animals together, so you buy yourself time to get a good picture.

Nerd it out

For the parent with substantial photography knowledge, that wants all our technical tips!

Magical Moments

Captured by Petit Nord Mamas

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"We hope you feel ready and confident to capture those magical moments in your next shoot or with your own little ones. We wish you best of luck!"

With Love
Leonora Grigat & the Petit Nord Mamas

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