Whenever you purchase at Petit Nord, you get a little more than you buy. Together with us, you get the opportunity to help fulfil a dream. A dream that many couples share, but not all have the possibility to pursue.


Petit Nord donates 100% of all sales from MBP accessories to individuals or couples struggling with infertility. When purchasing a pair of shoes, you can add one or more of our newly designed accessories. The price for 1 accessory is 40 DKK, 6 USD or 5 EUR. The full amount is donated to our cause.

2 times a year Petit Nord donates to one of the chosen non-profit charities:




This donation will help a financially restricted couple with difficulties conceiving come one step closer to their dream.


Infertility is a rising problem, caused by a number of factors that we, as a company, do not have the power to change by ourselves. Still! With your engagement, there is a lot we can do.

Our ambition is to help couples. To create awareness. To inform how you can make a change for yourself. We wish to encourage social sharing in order to break the taboo related to infertility.


By supporting Petit Nord, you can make a difference in this strenuous fight against infertility. For yourself and for others. Our mission is clear. More babies please.