At Petit Nord, we are committed to creating quality children's footwear that fulfills all the needs of parents looking for high-quality, durable, and stylish shoes that are safe for their children and the environment.

Scroll down and read more about our top 5 ways we are making environmentally-conscious children's footwear a reality:


The majority of our leather is vegetable tanned, which is a more eco-friendly and safer alternative to traditional chrome tanning. This process uses natural plant extracts, such as mimosa or chestnut, to transform raw hides into leather, making it more biodegradable and safer for our children and the environment.

2) Recycling of rubber & textile materials

We recycle rubber and textile speckles for our soles, reducing waste and minimizing our environmental impact. This not only helps to protect the planet, but it also ensures that our shoes are durable and long-lasting, providing value for parents and reducing waste.

3) Upcycling of leather

We have a unique range where we upcycle our leather materials, giving new life to old materials and reducing waste. By repurposing our leather scraps into new products, we are able to minimize our waste and create unique and eco-friendly products.

4) Environmentally friendly zippers

We use environmentally friendly zippers made from recycled plastic bottles, which not only reduces waste but also provides a high-quality, durable zipper that you can trust.

5) 100% recyclable TEX membrane

We use a 100% recyclable TEX membrane that is free from two harmful chemicals (PFCs and PTFE), making it safer for the environment and for your children. This membrane is breathable and waterproof, ensuring that our shoes are both comfortable and functional.

We're also proud to produce our shoes in Europe and work with family-run workshops that share our commitment to ethical production. By producing our shoes in this way, we're able to support local communities and ensure that our shoes are made with care, craftsmanship, and tradition.